Here, we’ve curated a collection of links to organizations that can provide support and assistance to individuals facing chronic illnesses and navigating the complexities of healthcare. If you’re looking for information about specific conditions, access to local resources, or assistance with government programs, you’ll find helpful resources listed below:

Alzheimer’s Association –
Explore resources and support services for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

American Cancer Society –
Access information and resources about various types of cancer, treatment options, and support services.

Michael J Fox Foundation –
Learn about ongoing research and advocacy efforts dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Emily’s Entourage –
Discover resources and support for individuals with cystic fibrosis and nonsense mutations.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society –
Find information and support services for individuals affected by blood cancers.

Medicare  –
Access official information about Medicare benefits, coverage options, and enrollment.

NJ Ombudsman Long Term Care –
Connect with an independent advocate for individuals receiving long-term care in New Jersey.

Social Security –
Learn about Social Security benefits, eligibility criteria, and application processes.

Stockton University Center on Successful Aging –
Explore resources and programs focused on successful aging and healthy living.

Town Square Adult Enrichment Center –
Access adult day care services and enrichment programs in the Jersey Shore area.

We hope these resources prove valuable in your healthcare journey. Feel free to explore the links and reach out to us if you need further assistance or support. We’re here to help you every step of the way.