Meet Our Director

Stephanie Kiziukiewicz

Stevie has been a family advocate for many years and knows, firsthand, how important it is to have an advocate. She was her dad’s and her mom’s advocate as their lives evolved with a cancer diagnosis and into end-of-life care. Stevie was an advocate for her aunt who suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease. She navigated and managed a variety of complex medical, interpersonal, and legal issues to improve their lives through treatments to end-of-life care.

Stevie will help people ensure that their discharge plan is carried out safely. She can provide medical guidance and decision support, care coordination and care management, socio economic needs navigation, medical bill, and insurance claims review and resolution, medical debt negotiation, elder care planning, and more. Stevie will work with the Primary Care Practitioner and other specialists to meet the needs of the patient, helping the patient and family to understand and navigate the complex healthcare system.

Mission Statement:

Our mission as independent patient advocates, is to provide our patients with an enhanced quality of life, support, and unparalleled assistance throughout every stage of their healthcare journey.

Stevie Kiziukiewicz, Board-Certified Patient Advocate
  • The University of Miami Certificate in Patient Advocacy
  • BA in Advocacy and Gerontology
  • Certified Dementia Practitioner
  • Certified Dementia Support Group Facilitator

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to empower our patients to successfully navigate their healthcare issues and needs by providing the necessary resources, knowledge, and effective solutions.

Value Statement:

Autonomy/Independence, Support/Encouragement, Loyalty