“Stevie saved my life by helping us, Bill and me, with all of the paperwork and all of the medical problems. She always helped with dignity and compassion. I continue to move forward daily and am forever grateful for Stevie.”

Marianne O.

“Without Stevie, we would be like the proverbial babes in the woods. Her help has been more than we could ever expected.

She helped us with activating our long-term health insurance plan and obtaining hospital and rehab hospital documentation. She is helping us obtain ongoing, continuing medical care and other benefits.

There is not a more caring person that we know. We love her and she is now part of our family.”

Frank C

“Stephanie Ann (Stevie) is a very compassionate and caring person. She wants to help those in need of care and attention. I would like to focus on the attention Stephanie Ann provided to my mother and my aunt in the latter stages of their lives.

My mother was in a nursing home for several years with dementia and Stephanie Ann helped immensely in organizing her care and taking care of insurance billings and medical issues. She helped my aunt make two moves–first to a new condo and then into assisted living. She also investigated and found that the cause of my aunt’s illness was Legionnaire’s Disease and followed through with finding treatment and compensation sources for her. We would have been lost without her.”

Bob C.

“I’m writing on behalf of a lovely Advocate, Stevie K. She was of so much help to me when I was fostering then adopting my son. She truly loves what she does, and it shows.

If you really want someone to advocate for you or your child or family, Stevie is the person to go to. She goes over and above with an amazing work ethic. Thank you for all you do Ms. Stevie K.”

Gina A.

“Stephanie (Stevie) consistently delivers on her broad-based knowledge of resources in the healthcare industry, and her reliability in seeking the best possible resolution for her clients. She models a personal approach to care and invests herself for the client and family. She is empathetic and a passionate advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. As a life long learner, Stephanie continues to expand her knowledge and experience and therefore expands what she offers to her clients.”

Linda P.

“Stephanie (Stevie) is a true advocate for people in need. Our family has seen her skillful and zealous advocacy skills firsthand. She has supported us in caring for several beloved family members suffering with chronic and acute health conditions.

Our family cannot express the depth of gratitude we have for her support and assistance during those difficult times. Her experience and passion for serving those in need of geriatric care management is evident in all that she does. 

Stevie is a true gift to anyone who has the good fortune to have her as a part of their clinical care team. Stevie is a gem and our family is grateful to her!”

Jack R and Family

Stevie is our advocate extraordinaire. We met several years ago when Stevie became our volunteer court appointed special advocate. I won’t go into details, but I will tell you about Stevie…. Stevie is just amazing.

She was always professional, and always put our adopted son’s needs first. It’s very hard to navigate a system when you get thrown in unprepared, and It’s nice to know that there is someone as knowledgeable and forever persevering.

I am usually pretty much on top of things, but she taught me much by example, while running circles around me. Her energy is endless. We consider Stevie a true blessing to our family. Thank you Stevie,

Sharisse & Jay

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