We are here to help you every step of the way

Things we can do with you and for you

Care Coordination and Support:

  • Create an Individual Plan of Action
  • Attend physician appointments with clients
  • Provide resources and referrals
  • Assist with transitions and moves to care facilities
  • Relieve family anxiety through support and communication

Financial and Administrative Assistance:

  • Assist with obtaining and organizing important documents
  • Work on medical billing issues
  • Medicare/Medicare Advantage plan evaluations
  • Application assistance for Medicare Savings Program and social service benefits
  • Assistance with activating long-term care insurance

Home Safety and Management:

  • Evaluate safety in the home
  • Monthly bookkeeping and household management

Healthcare Access and Advocacy:

  • Obtain therapy services including DME, PT, Speech, OT
  • Assist with interviews of in-home caregivers

Power of Attorney, Healthcare Representative, and Executor

Provide compassionate guidance and advocacy for individuals facing complex medical decisions.

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