Financial and Administrative Assistance

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Are you looking for help with the financial and administrative aspects of healthcare for yourself or a loved one? Seawind Health Advocacy Group’s Financial and Administrative Assistance services are designed to provide you with the support and guidance you need to manage these crucial areas effectively.

Assist in Obtaining and Organizing Important Documents

Organizing important documents is essential for ensuring seamless access to healthcare services and benefits. Our team assists you in gathering and organizing essential documents such as medical records, insurance policies, advance directives, and financial documents. By maintaining comprehensive records, you can streamline communication with healthcare providers and make informed decisions about your care.

Work on Medical Billing Issues

Medical billing issues can be complex and time-consuming to resolve, often leading to financial stress for individuals and families. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, medical billing errors affect a significant percentage of medical bills, leading to overcharges and billing discrepancies for patients.

We advocate on your behalf to address medical billing errors, discrepancies, and insurance claim denials, ensuring that you receive accurate and fair billing for healthcare services. Our goal is to alleviate financial burdens and ensure that you receive the maximum coverage and benefits available to you.

Medicare and/or Medicare Advantage Plan Evaluations

Choosing the right Medicare or Medicare Advantage plan is crucial for accessing comprehensive healthcare coverage that meets your needs. Our team conducts thorough evaluations of your current plan or helps you explore alternative options to ensure that you have the most suitable coverage for your healthcare needs. By analyzing plan features, costs, and benefits, we empower you to make informed decisions about your Medicare coverage.

Application Assistance for Medicare Savings Program and Social Service Benefits

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reports that many Medicare beneficiaries may be eligible for financial assistance programs such as the Medicare Savings Program, which helps cover Medicare premiums, deductibles, and co-payments.

Accessing financial assistance programs and social service benefits can significantly alleviate financial strain and improve access to essential healthcare services. We provide personalized assistance with the application process for programs such as the Medicare Savings Program and other social service benefits. Our team guides you through each step of the application process, ensuring that you receive the support and benefits you are entitled to.

Assistance with Activating Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance can provide valuable financial protection for individuals requiring extended care services. However, navigating the activation process and understanding policy details can be challenging. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) recommends that individuals carefully review their long-term care insurance policies and understand the activation process, including any elimination periods, to ensure that they receive the full benefits of their coverage.

We offer guidance and support to help you activate your long-term care insurance policy and navigate through the elimination period. Our expertise ensures that you maximize your benefits and receive the necessary coverage for long-term care services.

Experience and Expertise You Can Trust

Led by Stevie, our team brings extensive experience and expertise in financial advocacy and administrative support. With a background in patient advocacy and healthcare navigation, Stevie is dedicated to providing personalized assistance and advocacy to help you navigate the complex financial and administrative aspects of healthcare effectively.

Contact Seawind Health Advocacy Group today to learn more about our Financial and Administrative Assistance services and discover how we can support you in managing the financial aspects of your healthcare journey effectively.

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